Green is the color I repped as a teen,

It meant being accepted which made me feel seen.

To be alone only meant you were sucker.

So I prayed every night to be Haines Street Hustler.

To an outsider looking, it wouldn’t make sense.

Selling crack on the corner for dollars and cents 

But the alternatives I couldn’t see 

Because I felt like this was how it was supposed to be.

Since my hood loved hustlers working was for fools.

That’s why we throwing up Gang signs everyday at the school.

Then I started losing friends and it change perception.

Made me wanna go to school and use my brain as a weapon. 

As when I tell this story it makes me wanna cry.

When I think about the time I was destined to die.

Plus I got a son now and for him want different.

So if he asks about my childhood I probably won’t mention.

The color that made me afraid to be sucka.

The color that made me a Haines Street Hustler.

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