Muvfuckas better be sleep! Inspired by Samuel L.Jackson

Mfs better be sleep

next time I walk past

Because If mfs ain’t

I’m beating some ass.

So don’t ask for juice or nothing to eat

Because last time I checked

y’all was supposed to be sleep.

See, I hear a lot of noise when it should to be quiet

I should only hear snoring

but it sounds like riot

But I got something for it.

Keep thinking shit sweet.

And watch knock ya black ass in the middle of next week

See I’da been whoop y’all ass

if the shit were up to me.

Because the last time I walked by

I heard the Tv.

And y’all can scream and holler bout how I ain’t y’all dad.

Cause that ain’t never stopped me from whooping y’all ass

Just listen to ya momma

and we won’t have no beef.

Next time I walk past by here

Mfs better be sleep

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