The Prince

Although my beginning we’re humble, I must admit that I’ve always sensed that I, was of royal blood. In fact,whenever I saw a reflection of my image, I saw a king. So I began to carry myself in this way in order to prepare myself for the moment I would be ordained. But being a King isn’t something I would wish on anyone. For the crown is heavy and grants little compassion. Which is why only few are chosen to embark on this path of exaltation. The born Prince must endure hardship and still be kind, experience betrayal and still have compassion, encounter deception and still show fairness, and walk amongst commoners as if they were a reflection of himself. Since the things done while still Prince will inevitably reflect throughout his kingship, my sincerest prayer to the highest of all powers is that I always choose the path a righteousness. Even when those around me doubt and ridicule.

All hail Prince Jahlil,


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