Menace to society

In my neighborhood I’m the kid who my neighbors fear and hate.

I’m come off as overly aggressive and easily agitated because my providers have never made me feel safe.

While walking home from school or the park, I often envision how life would be, if I were smart.

The darkness seems to have gotten me surrounded, so I apologize if I’m always frowning.

My enemies seem to outnumber my friends so I end my relationships before they begin.

years mental abuse have made me numb, so can’t imagine loving anyone.

Inside of my head is never silent, so I’m peaceful settings I often become violent.

Sometimes people try to help me get over my fears, but I can’t help but feel like no one cares.

Maybe things would be easier if I were famous and rich, but that dream can be easily interrupted by a pinch.

One day I might admit the way I feel and confess my truth so that I can finally heal.

I guess only time will tell, if I’ll ever escape from this rotten hell.

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