A Black Boys Fears

When a black boy cries the world seems to go deaf

While the Sirens in his environment constantly remind him of death

Since he wasn’t taught structure, his thought are a mess

And he thinks marijuana and opiates will help him ease the stress

When he tries to vent about his struggle he’s told to stay silent

So he bottles it up his emotions until it’s time to become violent

He hurts the women who love him because that can’t get to him

He has a long rap sheet so his job opportunities are ruined

He has about a year before his mother kicks him out

Suffering from depression he just wishes he could shout

He wanted to be a lawyer

maybe the next black President

But he lost his hope and doesn’t know where the hell it went

If he would let the rain drop maybe he could grow

And all the love within him wouldnt be so hard

to show

Dear black boy reading this, I just want you to know

Although the past was rough you has to let it go

– The artist Jahlil Tahree

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