Sunrise’s At The Pier

I want you to know that it was never about sex.

or the attention that I couldn’t get from an Ex.

I saw you and I saw my paradise.

I saw beneath the anger.

its view leaving me in delight,

as I kissed you with closed eyes

spiritually walking towards your light.

Nothing like what I expected.

Everything I once neglected.

Grabbing your hand while we walk.

because I want you to feel protected.

What I felt when we met had me thinking like a skeptic

Like: ” If I give my all and lose it, what will I be left with?”

and: “will she be different from other the women I’ve slept with”?

But now I’m in a position which makes it futile to doubt you

Because the more that you’re away, the more I can’t live without you.

-The Artist



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  1. The Way She Words It says:

    This is my favorite. Well written


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