Sunrise’s At The Pier:Love Placebo

I now “innerstand” that thing which causes us to make a fool of ourselves. That thing which causes us to lie, cheat, steal and sometimes murder. Those looking from the outside in, may even go as far as to say that we’ve become addicted. Only becuase we’ll do just about anything to get it.

While becoming dependent on its effects, we’ve began to consequently lose interest in its authenticity. So much so that in some instances we can  be found  gullible enough to be fooled by inexact replicas.

But it is hard for me to talk about this drug that we all call love without feeling a tremble, my heart may even at times race and thoughts begin to aspiral.  Maybe beacuse I have   witnessed and been apart of so many acts of self-denial. All in this hunt for the “love placebo”.

Sometimes I wonder “what if we all had been educated on these emotions in our adolescent years?” “Would  we still feel the need to chase quick fixes?” “or would we then be able be patient and nurture the seeds of love that had been implanted within us this entire time.”


What do you thing friend?,

-The Artist Jahlil Tahree



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