Memoirs: Adrift (5am in Philadelphia)

Some people are born with the knowledge about what they’ve been sent to this earth to do, others are blessed with a journey that they must take in order for this information to be revealed to them.

I happen to belong to both groups of people; because in the beginning I knew everything; I understood the universe. But somehow, somewhere along the way I got side tracked, knocked off course and  lead astray.

However, it is because of my journey that I am no longer afraid of the unknown. Those unchartered territories of the mind which threaten its state of comfort, evoking fear, no longer pose threats to my stability. Instead they cheer me on; constantly reminding me of the great mystery that is the Self.

It ┬áseemed rational for me – being an educator – to document some of the lessons I’ve learned while on my path to immortality. My only hope is that the person I’ve become will inspire those also struggling to find themselves in this noise polluted world.

Along my path I’ve learn to:

Breathe slowly

Live fearlessly

Love eternally

and think freely




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