Other Drugs: Conversations without words

She said “word to Monica you can’t trust a big dick and a smile”

skin shinning like gold, orally fixated, tryna turn her out

I can tell she aint ever,  had another as real as me

They give her that commercial stroke, but she don’t even watch TV

Her style is kind of different, sophisticated, with a side of ratchet

Pretty Face, nice shape, I just gotta have it

I promised myself not to rush becuase its deeper than sex

So I  just bite my lip thinking about how it’ll feel, when I lick her  wet

I lived in a crowded house so our first time was on the steps

On that one night, when the Jack had me feeling like telling the truth

Told her I aint going nowhere, if it aint with you

Like I can’t do nothing, without thinkin of you

I said this while her nipples were in my mouth

found out she was a squirter, on my gramma’s couch

Now I know why she kept plastic

I’m like how you do that? your pussy magic

I’m in love now, I can’t lie

Thinking about getting her name tatted, near my thigh




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