Memoirs: Reciprocity 

I often read sayings/statements which discuss how ” there is always someone in the world willing to kiss/worship the ground we walk on” and I believe this is true; but I also believe that the people we meet in this life are a reflection of where we are in our human development. If this is true then it would mean that in order to receive such treatment one must be willing/able to reciprocate.

On the other hand, I also believe that someone who genuinely loved you would never allow you stoop so low as to worship them but would instead be too concerned with raising you up to your rightful state of being, your higherself, your highness.

This of course just my humbled opinion so don’t be afraid to tell me what you think.

7 thoughts on “Memoirs: Reciprocity 

  1. selinamcarter says:

    I hear this a lot as well. If you're in love with someone why would you want them to worship the ground you walk on? I feel as though you attract the energy you put out. When you are with someone I believe you should always put forth the effort, time, energy, etc. That you want in return. You should always be lifting your partner up, and vice versa. I don't believe in worshipping the ground they walk on. Just my thoughts.

    1. jahliltahree says:

      Yeah I agree I don't like that concept either but it's being sought out by many people so I guess we'll hear the stories about how it turned out one day

      1. selinamcarter says:

        Those should be interesting stories. This whole "hero worship" concept that people have is amazing to me. Nourishing each other's souls sounds more logical to me than worship. But I have been told that I'm weird due to me thinking differently so that could be why I don't agree with most narrow-minded people.

      2. jahliltahree says:

        You're not alone in this I too am considered weird for similar reasons. I've embraced it lol

      3. selinamcarter says:

        Lol yeah it's awesome being an oddball. That's probably why I liked the book Divergent so much. I am divergent, I don't fit in, and I absolutely love it.

      4. jahliltahree says:

        I saw the movie, didn't really read the book lol I just got wise to sifi books I used to self help and finance books

      5. selinamcarter says:

        You're breaking my heart man lol. The movie didn't do the book justice at all. I didn't really start getting into self help books until recently. Most of it spiritual. I just ordered The Meaning of Hotep: A Nubian Study Guide by Anpu Unnefer Amen. I'm hoping it will give me some insight on some questions I have.

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