Memoirs: Salsa 

I had a dance with the devil before

He kept taking the lead and wouldn’t let me be free

So I decided to take him to war

If I knew that he wanted this much control I would’ve never bargained away my soul

He knocked me off balance so that I’d avoid every challenge

And my constant thoughts of death made my fears seem boundless

While inside of this war I didn’t think I’d  last

Because he fought me with the pain of my past

But I never backed downed or thought to give in

because I knew my suffering was a means to an end

By the end of the fight I was not the same

So different that I decided to change my name

Now my energy is high,my mind is clear and my lonely days have disappeared

But every now and again I sit back and wonder

” What if this bliss is an illusion?”

“What if el diablo had my number?”

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