Ghetto Superstar

At night I get lifted and dance with the stars

Wondering when ima get mine just so I can make it ours

Tryna hide my pain but they don’t make tattoos to hide these types of scars

Growin up in a world where that’d rather see me dead  or behind bars

Instead of in a Benz with good credit, studying to pass the BAR

Everyone is  scared 

So instead of raise they passed the bar

we grow up brain-dead, only concerned with getting fly and buying cars

Our rationale:if we cant win here let’s shine bright  as the stars

But it take a positive mindset if you want to get far

You gotta have drive even when you can’t find a car

and keep climbing even when the top seems far

So stay grateful for today and ready for tomorrow

Cause one day you gone be a Ghetto Superstar

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