Ghetto Superstar

At night I get lifted and dance with the stars

Wondering when ima get mine just so I can make it ours

Tryna hide my pain but they don’t make tattoos to hide these types of scars

Growin up in a world where that’d rather see me dead  or behind bars

Instead of in a Benz with good credit, studying to pass the BAR

Everyone is  scared 

So instead of raise they passed the bar

we grow up brain-dead, only concerned with getting fly and buying cars

Our rationale:if we cant win here let’s shine bright  as the stars

But it take a positive mindset if you want to get far

You gotta have drive even when you can’t find a car

and keep climbing even when the top seems far

So stay grateful for today and ready for tomorrow

Cause one day you gone be a Ghetto Superstar


We try our best with them.We attempt to show them the way. We bath,nourish and soothe them.We teach them everything we think we know. but somehow they turn out to be better than we can possibly take credit for.Who gave them permission to show us the greatness we have inside of  us? Who gave them permssion to be so beautiful? Why don’t children ever listen? 


Something happens to me when the Sun goes down.

My heart begins to race and the hair on the back of my neck stands stiff.

My thoughts become disarray and I begin to lose sight of who I believed was me.

My chest expands and my nails begin to sharpen.

My feet spread and my conscience flees.

I become more than a man and more powerful than my deepest fears.

I become the Beast.



Come with me and we will rule the world

Together we will change its shape

we will clear the air

and fix the cracks with gorilla tape

the norms wont exist and the style will change

so you’ll no longer have to feel ashamed

the past will gone and we’ll live for the moment

which means you’ll no longer be haunted with blame

Come with me please! Why wouldn’t you?

Can’t you see what I see?

Can’t you see that you’re forever is right here?

Can’t you see that its with to me?



A Natural Disaster

There is a storm approaching. None of us knows how, when or even where this storm will occur.

All we know is that it will happen and that all will be tested but only few triumph.

Do not fret what is to come, for there is no force strong enough to alter its course.

These are times of bravery and courage.

And because men will be forced to become more than mere humans, death will only be the beginning.

May your confidence never desert you

and your pride never leave you deserted.