Honestly, I always felt like I was never worth your time, let alone a piece of your heart….but now I see that the way you came up makes it not all of  your fault.

Still, that doesn’t stop the memories from haunting my thoughts…. and if anyone ever asked me what seperated us …I’d say …”it was the bitches that drove us apart”.

You miss birthday’s and  play dates……we never even went on a trip. Then whenever we came to see you…you’d slide off into the night with some chick…..seems like you wanted to be inside of them……. more than you wanted to love your kids.

Got me looking at monogamy with a twisted view…… and my sisters in a cypher of relationships that always leave them bruised.

I don’t even know you middle name your favorite foods to eat……because its was hard for to compete with the trills of the street.

You probably don’t even know I grew insecure and shy …….and often afraid to even speak my mind… and that’s because your bitches all was had your time.

So now when I see you we don’t converse… because for years I’ve pictured you in a hearse

But I’m coming to you… to call a truce…hoping it’ll fix my inner issues….because though you left me sad and blue…… I cant reject that I am you

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