You and I 

Have you ever notice how The Sun remains still while the planets in its universe revolve and rotate around it? It (the sun) manipulates these movements via a force called gravity. Gravity aligns and organizes the planets in accordance to the sun. So, The order of the Universe is dependent on gravity i.e. (In other words) Gravity is order. Imagine for a moment that Your mind is like the sun and your thoughts are like the planets. If your mind (the sun) is moving at the same rate as your thoughts (the planets) you’ll always be trying to catch up with them (your thoughts) But if you place your mind at the center of your thoughts you can arrange and organize them for maximum productivity. This is how manifestation is done, this is how you and I were created; by order of the Universe. Create order, create peace, then create life (manifestation).

Good Night Star children 😉

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