Raised to be skeptical

 I keep having this fantasy in my mind that you’ll be the one to help me put together the pieces

 and instead of trying to understand my past you’d help me stay present and focused on what’s recent 

To be honest I like how you’re so well put together, 

so sophisticated and decent,

That’s probably why  I’ve been ignoring the rest and letting your number occupy my recents 

I was hesitant about telling you this because I didn’t know what you’d say, 

I guess I’m trusting that if you don’t want my heart 

you’ll hand it back to me 

and not throw it away

Seems like since we’ve met 

I’ve been looking at you like you you’re heaven sent 

because at this point it seems like our paths crossing was inevitable and evident 

So even if we don’t go passed friends

 I’m happy we ever got a chance to talk. 

Just know that me and you being us will always be a thought. 

” you know a nigga was raised to be real skeptical”

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