The Sinister Statistic

When you look at me what do you see? 
Do you see me as I am or as an image portrayed on tv? 

Am I being judged based on my character or on an infamous Gangster who’s plans you wish to shatter. 

Maybe Nino brown or frank Lucas, because maybe then it would make sense why you have to put me through this.

You seem adamant about killing my confidence and condemning my grace, because youre certain that men where I’m from are such a disgrace.

You try to hide your fear but it can’t help but show, because you begin to shake whenever you feel I’ve gotten to close.

although Id rather be friends you prefer the role of a foe, quietly praying I’ll take the plea and go back to the ghetto. 

I know why my brown tint frightens you, it’s because the government has fed you lies that you believe are true, and now that I’ve seen this side of you….I’ll probably never be able to confide in you. 

You question if I care but they answer is clear… because if I didn’t I wouldn’t standing right here….in your court room, pleading for mercy, while you think of creative ways to hurt me. 

I call your prejudice and you get so offended, becoming more anxious to punish me for crimes YOU’VE invented.

I tried to remain stoic but a part of me wants laugh… the plaintiff who’s blinded by a desire for cash….Is this what happens when the love doesn’t last? and Usian can’t even outrun your past? 

If I say sorry, will that make up for the decisions I’ve made? If I pawn all my jewelry can I escape being chained? Or does it benefit you more if I’m stuck in a cage?   

If you were me what would you do to maintain? If you lived where the cowards were murdering the brave, and your only option was to become someone’s slave. 

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