Other drugs


It’s been a few days now and we haven’t talked but I’m not tripping because I know your body’s schedule and you know mine. We always seem to know the right time to contact one another. We’re supposed to be moved on into new relationships, but that hasn’t stopped us from talking and occasionally making love.
You come over to see me like clock work. I try not to get too comfortable because Every time you visit I don’t want you to leave and I can tell by the look on your face that you want to stay too.
We’re asking each other, “Why is time so cruel?, why did we break up in the first place?” We don’t even remember. He calls your phone mid conversation and I shake my head signaling that it’s ok to answer. You hang up and we both look into each other’s eyes because we know that time is of the essence. I pull you closer to me and kiss you while I’m unbuckling your pants. You give a little resistance to make yourself feel less guilty about cheating and I try to listen but my body, your body, our bodies just stick to each other like magnets. My strokes are slow and passionate like I’m using my dick to convey my emotions; it’s so good your face is wet with tears and your pussy has transformed into a narrow river. I’m whispering, “I’ll never leave you” and your asking me to promise.
I ask, “is it still mine?” and like always you answer “yes”.
I honestly don’t remember how the night ended because my mind is still there. It’s like every time you leave, time freezes until the next time we meet.

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