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15622197_10210715610473822_5990511802081373702_nIt’s past our meeting date. I’m irritated, horney and angry all in one so I send the text:

“I’ve been calling you for days and you’re not answering this isn’t like you. You would’ve called me by now. What’s going on? Should I do a pop up? I knew you were going to eventually choose him over me! You think you about to be happy while I’m sitting here miserable? You got me fuck up! I’m just going to keep calling you until you change your number. Matter fact I’m about to tell him everything you dumb ass bitch I Hate you!!!!”

Before I could send the text the bell rang and I went to the door. It’s the cop who always used to come when we had our domestic disputes. I haven’t seen him in a while so I’m automatically defensive. I look him up and down and say ” what the fuck you want? We ain’t even together no more y’all always fucking with me.”
He shakes his head and says ” it’s not even like that this time we need your help.No ones seen Diana in a week and her mom said that if anyone knew where she would be it’s you knowing how inseparable you guys are.”

I respond ” look she got a boyfriend go ask that nigga we been over for a year.”
He shakes his head and walks away but before he gets in the car he gets a phone call that causes him to turn back around. This time he ain’t playing with me. He grips me up and throws me in the back of his car. I know I’m not arrested because I don’t have any handcuffs around my wrists. We pull up to this building and walk down the basement into a cold room. As I observe the room my heart feels like it’s pounding through my hoodie. The lady pulls back the sheet and ask ” can you identify this body?”
My hands grip my face so hard it seems like I’m trying to rip it off. I can’t control my cry, I’m hollering, screaming and trying to catch my breath at the same time ;No one around me knows what to do to calm me.
The body on the table, It’s her, its my love, its Diana.


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