Love and God

Uncondiotnal  Love is the most powerful  force in the universe. It is  the reason we breathe, pray, cry, grow and learn to appreciate life. Even the Gods that we as people worship get their power from love. It is because of love that we worship our Gods. God offers us unconditional love if we in turn make covenants to love Him/her in return  and becuase of this we pray to, confide and trust in him/her  knowing  that he/she is not judgmental and will love us no matter what.

Similarlity,  we also confide, love, and praise eldes in our family that we are close with like our grandparents and older siblings because they too love us unconditonally. We know that no matter the mistakes we make in life  they’ll never take thier love away from us. In a sense we pray to them in a somewhat religous way when they aren’t here on earth with us anymore :” I wish he/she was here” ,”he/she would know what to do”, “I know he/she is watchinh over me”. We “pray”  to them because we believe in their abstract abiliteis more that thier physically presence.

Love influences the entire world; which is why I believe it is the most powerful and abundant source in the universe. Love can be found in every act if you look close enough. Its directly and inderectly the reason for everything. Love is God and God is love.

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