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we were little boys most of us we’re thought by our parents or society that life was about proving our worth. So we learn to be competitive at a very young age. We learn through observation that to be the best at something grants you a certain level of prestige and added privileges. We look at the Tv and see how much praise athletes and artist receive for being great at what they do. Its as if these people have been  blessed with gifts from god. we in turn directly and indirectly strive and  compete for the top spot throughout the rest of our lives.

Somewhere in our quest for greatness we we fail to realize or aren’t taught where our values should be placed.  Since the hard work we’ve put in to achieve these  great things are what cuased us to achieve our goals we should probably focus on this more than the “trophies” weve won as a result but we do not. Consequently, shortly  after we win our trophies they are placed on our dressers or in trophy cases where the do nothing but collect dust until its time to show them off for bragging “rights’.

This “win the trophy”attitude   then becomes a way of life for us and begins to affect every area in our lives until we find ourselves competing for everything and appreciating nothing.

Example, We see a beautiful women and we go after her for all of the wrong reasons. We go after her not becuase we appreciative her existence but for competitive reasons. So when we finally get her we begin to treat her like the trophies we have grown accustomed to winning, we then sit her on the “self”. To collect duct only to be picked up when it’s time to brag to our friends and family.

This is the cycle and this is probably one of the reason we don’t realize how special the things that we’ve gained until we lose them.

What would happen if we placed more value into the process instead of the product? Maybe we would continue to do the things that we did  to get the trophies or the women of our dreams so that we’d never have to know what life was like without them. 🤔

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  1. LaRonda Moore says:

    I agree, but unfortunately, women play a role in this. A man will only treat you the way that you allow him to. When a woman knows her worth, then the man in her life does as well.


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