Under A Tree

        Have you ever looked at the roots of a tree? I mean really examined them. The roots of a tree are planted firmly inside of the earth. This is where the tree gets all of its strength from. These roots make it so that the tree stays grounded under extreme conditions. It is to be understood that these roots do not form overnight. It takes years of  affection and patience for these roots to rise from the abyss in which they were planted and manifest into tools of nature.

        This observation made me think of you and I. More specifically our roots and what keeps us grounded. What if the mistakes and failures that we’ve experienced throughout our lives were just the universes way of  keeping us grounded long enough for the seeds we’ve planted in our minds to manifest. What if  every time we make a mistake (and learn from it) our roots begin to plant themselves more deeply into the earth? I ask these questions becuase so many times we look back and regret many of the mistakes we’ve  made in the past……But maybe it’s not us who are making our mistakes, maybe its our mistakes that are making us.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly see how far one can go”- T.S Elliot

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