Blurred Lines

Why are we so afraid to be ourselves?

 Not the self that the ego tells us we are but are true, natural selves. The parts of us that cry during sad movies, enjoy shows that don’t relate to our culture and admit to being just as confused about life as the rest of the world.

I believe that society forces us to not be who we are but who we think we are supposed to be. If I cry during the end of titanic its taboo because im a guy, If I tell someone that one of my favorite shows is “Everybody loves raymond or that 70s show” no one believes me because I’m “black”and if I tell people that I still dont know what direction my life is going in they’ll think that I’m  wasting time.”

 Being a young, black, educated, male in America’s society puts me this small box where I barely have standing room. Since I’m  a guy Im not allowed to cry, like ever, Maybe during funerals but it has to be like a manly cry (whatever that is). Also being  black means that my favorite television show has to be  either Martin or Fresh Prince. More importantly, since I’m a millennial I have to have had  my whole life figured out by the time I was  18 or im basically fucked as a human being.

Quite frankly I’m tired of living in the small box society has created for me and I hope this blog encourages its readers to do the same. We dont have to be something just because society expects it from us. I mean we didnt expect Donald Trump to win the election but it happened anyway didnt it? I think its fair to say society owes us one.

Live free or die young

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