What we talkin about?

What we talking about?

We talking about black negligence or black presidents? 

We talking about black power or blacks being killed over crack and powder?

We talking political or we talking street?

 We talking about black love or we talking about hood beefs?

We talking about how we starved or about how we are going to eat? 

What they talking about? They read that in a book or they seen it on tv?

Are they really in the traps or are they just saying it in thier raps? 

Let’s talking about avoiding welfare and how much  money on food our mothers spent. 

Likes talk about capital crimes and lower case punishment. 

Let’s talk about skins color, religion and class being the major tools of the government. 

Let’s talk about how they transformed dope from powder into a pill. 

Or Let’s talk about how  majority of college grads are barely able to pay their bills. 

But Before we gone talk about anything all I ask is that you please, please, just make sure we talking about something “real”.

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