Love and God

Uncondiotnal  Love is the most powerful  force in the universe. It is  the reason we breathe, pray, cry, grow and learn to appreciate life. Even the Gods that we as people worship get their power from love. It is because of love that we worship our Gods. God offers us unconditional love if we in turn make covenants to love Him/her in return  and becuase of this we pray to, confide and trust in him/her  knowing  that he/she is not judgmental and will love us no matter what.

Similarlity,  we also confide, love, and praise eldes in our family that we are close with like our grandparents and older siblings because they too love us unconditonally. We know that no matter the mistakes we make in life  they’ll never take thier love away from us. In a sense we pray to them in a somewhat religous way when they aren’t here on earth with us anymore :” I wish he/she was here” ,”he/she would know what to do”, “I know he/she is watchinh over me”. We “pray”  to them because we believe in their abstract abiliteis more that thier physically presence.

Love influences the entire world; which is why I believe it is the most powerful and abundant source in the universe. Love can be found in every act if you look close enough. Its directly and inderectly the reason for everything. Love is God and God is love.

Trophies wives

/**/ Since

we were little boys most of us we’re thought by our parents or society that life was about proving our worth. So we learn to be competitive at a very young age. We learn through observation that to be the best at something grants you a certain level of prestige and added privileges. We look at the Tv and see how much praise athletes and artist receive for being great at what they do. Its as if these people have been  blessed with gifts from god. we in turn directly and indirectly strive and  compete for the top spot throughout the rest of our lives.

Somewhere in our quest for greatness we we fail to realize or aren’t taught where our values should be placed.  Since the hard work we’ve put in to achieve these  great things are what cuased us to achieve our goals we should probably focus on this more than the “trophies” weve won as a result but we do not. Consequently, shortly  after we win our trophies they are placed on our dressers or in trophy cases where the do nothing but collect dust until its time to show them off for bragging “rights’.

This “win the trophy”attitude   then becomes a way of life for us and begins to affect every area in our lives until we find ourselves competing for everything and appreciating nothing.

Example, We see a beautiful women and we go after her for all of the wrong reasons. We go after her not becuase we appreciative her existence but for competitive reasons. So when we finally get her we begin to treat her like the trophies we have grown accustomed to winning, we then sit her on the “self”. To collect duct only to be picked up when it’s time to brag to our friends and family.

This is the cycle and this is probably one of the reason we don’t realize how special the things that we’ve gained until we lose them.

What would happen if we placed more value into the process instead of the product? Maybe we would continue to do the things that we did  to get the trophies or the women of our dreams so that we’d never have to know what life was like without them. 🤔

Blurred Lines

Why are we so afraid to be ourselves?

 Not the self that the ego tells us we are but are true, natural selves. The parts of us that cry during sad movies, enjoy shows that don’t relate to our culture and admit to being just as confused about life as the rest of the world.

I believe that society forces us to not be who we are but who we think we are supposed to be. If I cry during the end of titanic its taboo because im a guy, If I tell someone that one of my favorite shows is “Everybody loves raymond or that 70s show” no one believes me because I’m “black”and if I tell people that I still dont know what direction my life is going in they’ll think that I’m  wasting time.”

 Being a young, black, educated, male in America’s society puts me this small box where I barely have standing room. Since I’m  a guy Im not allowed to cry, like ever, Maybe during funerals but it has to be like a manly cry (whatever that is). Also being  black means that my favorite television show has to be  either Martin or Fresh Prince. More importantly, since I’m a millennial I have to have had  my whole life figured out by the time I was  18 or im basically fucked as a human being.

Quite frankly I’m tired of living in the small box society has created for me and I hope this blog encourages its readers to do the same. We dont have to be something just because society expects it from us. I mean we didnt expect Donald Trump to win the election but it happened anyway didnt it? I think its fair to say society owes us one.

Live free or die young

Under A Tree

        Have you ever looked at the roots of a tree? I mean really examined them. The roots of a tree are planted firmly inside of the earth. This is where the tree gets all of its strength from. These roots make it so that the tree stays grounded under extreme conditions. It is to be understood that these roots do not form overnight. It takes years of  affection and patience for these roots to rise from the abyss in which they were planted and manifest into tools of nature.

        This observation made me think of you and I. More specifically our roots and what keeps us grounded. What if the mistakes and failures that we’ve experienced throughout our lives were just the universes way of  keeping us grounded long enough for the seeds we’ve planted in our minds to manifest. What if  every time we make a mistake (and learn from it) our roots begin to plant themselves more deeply into the earth? I ask these questions becuase so many times we look back and regret many of the mistakes we’ve  made in the past……But maybe it’s not us who are making our mistakes, maybe its our mistakes that are making us.

“Only those who risk going too far can possibly see how far one can go”- T.S Elliot

What we talkin about?

What we talking about?

We talking about black negligence or black presidents? 

We talking about black power or blacks being killed over crack and powder?

We talking political or we talking street?

 We talking about black love or we talking about hood beefs?

We talking about how we starved or about how we are going to eat? 

What they talking about? They read that in a book or they seen it on tv?

Are they really in the traps or are they just saying it in thier raps? 

Let’s talking about avoiding welfare and how much  money on food our mothers spent. 

Likes talk about capital crimes and lower case punishment. 

Let’s talk about skins color, religion and class being the major tools of the government. 

Let’s talk about how they transformed dope from powder into a pill. 

Or Let’s talk about how  majority of college grads are barely able to pay their bills. 

But Before we gone talk about anything all I ask is that you please, please, just make sure we talking about something “real”.