Get to know you questions that should be banned

If you are single like me and currently in the (seemingly) everlasting  ” getting to meet new people” phase in your love life then this post will probably hit home for you.

 While getting to meet new people  can be fun there are also  some aspects about this process that can be  confusing and sometimes mind boggling. 

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has their pet peeves about what they dislike about meeting new people. I’d have to say mine is the ”  getting to know you questions” that we ask during  this period to convince the person that we are getting to know that we are interested.

While some question are nessecaary in order to move forward there are  also some question that can be inappropriate and in some cases unfair.

Her are a few questions off the top of my head that I believe should be removed from the “getting to know you” questionnaire : 

What’s your type?

This is an awkward question becuase A) What if The person doesn’t have a preference, B) What if you look nothing like what they prefer and C) It could be interpreted as a hint of insecurity on your behalf.

What’s your favorite song?

This has to be one of the most unfair questions ever considering the quantity of quality music in the world  being compsed every minute.I personallly have a favorite song for every emotion I’ve experience during each period of my life and my list grows everyday.

What your favorite movie?

Same reason as for the question about  favorite song.

How did your last relationship end? 

Becuase I just feel that you should keep discussions about ex’s to a minimum.

How many sexual partners have you had?

Do I really need to explain why this is a tacky question?

(Oh and my favorite one) Do you have a (insert popular social network site)?

Because giving someone your social network  information is kind of like telling them your zodiac sign; they’ll  swear they know you afterwards

 I’m pretty sure there are many other questions that would probably also qaulify to make this list. feel free to leave some suggestion. Lets make dating great again!!

7 thoughts on “Get to know you questions that should be banned

  1. The Way She Words It says:

    I think that asking someone their type is kind of a not so good question because if that's what works for you, it obviously it isn't working for you if you still single.. lol did that make sense?

  2. Faosat says:

    When I think about it, those "getting to know you questions" are very forced. How can you get to know someone if they tell you all these things about them instead of you finding out who they are by yourself. Anyone can say anything that sounds good but may be the complete opposite then the person that they try to portray.


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