What Is Art?

I believe that deep down everyone is an artist. I say this because to me art is just the expression of emotions through activity. Since we all have emotions (emotions =energy in motion) and we all express them in different ways (whether we notice or not) in my world that makes everyone an artist.

I think that when we categorized things it intimidates people and makes them shy away from an experience. Creating art isn’t something that only  “gifted” or “creative” individuals can do, its something that any living thing on earth can do. There are examples of living things creating art all around us; Look at the trees during fall, flowers during spring, or the rainbow the rain leave after it leaves the sky.

In the past Ive expressed my emotions in counter productive ways but looking back I now realize that those were the moments I should have been creating art. Because of my experiences I believe that once a person finds their inner artist their lives begin to take true meaning.

So If your reading this I encourage you to try using whatever emotions that may seem to have a control over your life right now to spark your creative energies. It can’t hurt to try. Maybe itll be a waste of time, or maybe it’ll  be the key that frees youre spirit 😉

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