Staring at the walls

I’ve sat in this room for a long time. Sleeping, tossing, turning, getting up staring at the wall, planning on how I would get back what was mine.

I mapped out my entire life from now until then. Traveled the world so many times in my mind  it made me head spin. My thoughts stretched as high as the mountains, the air I breathed became thin. while I reached new heights giving me the strength needed to win, I heard the universe whisper “this is where your life begins.”

For days I went without eating, it turned me out. It was then I found out what true hunger was really about. I detached myself from everything just to see how strong I was and found out that all I ever really needed was love.

Now the fire in my eyes is brighter that ever and I smiled at ever challenged because “Im down for whatever” Yesterday I wanted the old me back but today I’m more clever. So why be the old me when the new me is better?



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