Why I Prefer Crazy Women

Before I get into this I think I need to explain that when I say crazy I don’t mean breaking car windows, showing up places unannounced, breaking into my apartment and fighting every girl that looks at me. That’s not crazy ,that’s destructive.

In my eyes a “crazy” woman is a woman who doesn’t bow down to the norms that society has put in place for people to follow in order to be considered “NORMal.” Crazy women get their hearts broken and have enough faith to love again, aren’t so blinded my material things that they cant spot a diamond in the ruff, and help others believe in themselves when the world seems to be doubting them. These are not traits that normal people possess which is probably why most normal people have no control over their life.  If you ask me,you have to be crazy in order to enjoy this life and live it to its fullest extent.

I like to enjoy life. Hbu?

3 thoughts on “Why I Prefer Crazy Women

  1. Faosat says:

    Crazy (not talking psychotic) and passionate go hand and hand. I feel like these are normal traits cause everyone can be considered crazy to somebody. Being passionate about something will have you doing things you never thought of doing before .... Some people might called that crazy. We're all passionate about one thing or another lol that's makes us all crazy


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