Ballad of a Horrible Friend

You Always liked me. and I always likes you. You were always so real to me, so I felt comfortable telling you my truth.You never said much but you always listened. But when the time finally came for you to talk, I went missing and when you finally got the chance to tell me, afterwards I seemed distant.

But I was only 17! give me a break! what the fuck?!

You were already going through life and I was still growing up. So when you told me what you told me I felt so stuck. I didn’t understand how you could be as young as me and going through so much.

Everything about you was just too deep for me.But sense then I’ve missed you so deep is what I’ve been pretending to be.

I saw you one day in passing and want to talk about so much. But I froze because deep down I feel like I’m the reason your life got fucked up.

I wish I could’ve given you more mature advice.I wish he never touched you and ruined your perception of life

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