Hero or Villain?

Sitting here listening to Solanges new single “Cranes In The Sky” for the fist time and I cant help but feel melancholy and dumbfounded at the same time. Why do I feel what she feels as she sings? Why do I instantly want to undue all the hurt she’s been through?

Seems like I’ve been finding myself in this position alot lately. Its Like every female I’ve been encountering lately is recovering from hurt (and in some instances I’ve been the source of it).In all these encounters I’ve found myself trying to use my words, smile and energy as the glue that pieces them back together. Crazy because this time around there isn’t any hidden agenda, I just want them to be OK. It so weird because I’ve always been the one who the girls sang about in these types of songs but now all I want to be is the total opposite. When did I start thinking this way? When did the Villain become the Hero?

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