5 things I’ve learned from the septa strike

While the majority of septa users have turned to social media and other outlets to express their frustrations with the current Septa strike, I have decided to use this time to appreciate the things that I often took for granted prior to the strike.

Here are 5 things I’ve learned during the recent Septa Strike:

  1. You find out who is important to you and how important you are to them when the means of transportation are limited. There’s definitely a thin line between friends and associates.
  2. Walking is therapeutic. walking can provide the alone or quality time needed to resolve  inner issues and personal stress.
  3. uncertainty influences social interaction. I’ve spoken to so many different people that I probably normally wouldn’t speak to all because we were confused about how we were going to get to our destination.
  4. If you want change charge dollars. If this strike has taught me anything its that when you want things to change you threaten the economical order. Philadelphia is expected to lose an estimated $120 million in the first week of this strike. I’m sure negotiations  will be made soon because it is in the best interest of the cities economy.
  5. once a person gets used to living without something it’s hard to convince them that they need it again.If septa goes on strike any longer its going to be hard to convince me to stop walking to and from the suburban station. I’m really starting to enjoy the exercise  and peace of mind  I’ve been getting from my early morning walks; feels like I’m back down south.

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