Letter to the creatives

We are all born with the ability to create and manifest ideas but somewhere along the way we forget or abandon this special power we’ve all been blessed with. We go for the more ” realistic” approach to life and abandon all of our dreams for  “security” or the “sure thing”.All because society places so much pressure on us to be or act a certain way by a particular age. Causing us to speed through life in order to make deadlines and personality adjustments (that aren’t always needed).

When does this start? when does the boot of society begin to weigh on our necks?

Being a father made me realize how early this process begins and how much of a role parents/adults play in preserving the creative abilities of  children:

While  my son and I were coloring I noticed my son was coloring in  chaotic way; not staying inside the lines, mixing colors that I don’t usually see mixed together, stuff like that.I was just about to stop him and tell him “the right way” to color but a thought popped into my head. “Who am I to alter  his creation?” What makes the way I’ve been taught  automatically the right way? This is when I began to realized how people (sometimes subconsciously) push there reality on one another and suppress each others creativeness.

Similarly, when I was a child in art class I noticed how the kids who colored inside of the lines would get praise from their teachers and peers while people like me who colored in a less organized way would get brushed off. So I began to change my coloring style to fit their criteria.By doing this  I was unknowing suppressing my creativity and living in someone else’s world.

Hind sight is 20/20.

Today, because I realize how powerful the ability to create is for every creature,  I encourage everyone I encounter to not be afraid to color outside of the lines, mix colors, and draw weird shapes.So if you’re reading this I pray that afterwards you begin to manifest your ideas and if you’re going to suppress anything suppress your fears.Who cares what people think? People die in their sleep every night which proves to me that their really isn’t a safe or secure way to live.


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