R.I.P Halloween

Yesterday morning I agreed to help a friend pass out candy for the annual Halloween celebration.I must admit I was a bit stoked to see all of the kids in their Halloween costumes because all weekend I  had been seeing how creative people were with choosing and decorating their Halloween costumes this year on social media. When the time came to pass out the candy I was fully prepared with treats and a welcoming smile.

However something seemed strange this year. An hour went by and there had not been  any “trick or treaters”in site. This left me a little dumbfounded because Halloween was always the time that the streets would be painted with children and parents, in costumes, carry big bags of candy. I texted a coworker of mine and ask was the situation the same where he was. I was even more shocked when he told me that his neighborhood was also empty.Throughout the night I witness about 3 -4 “trick or treaters”.

Where have all of the children gone? Did someone cancel Halloween this year?

I think I can answer this question. I believe that social media has taking more of a hold  of the new generation than us millennials realize. Today when kids leave school they don’t rush to go home and play outside with their neighborhood friends , they rush to go used their phones without the threat of getting them confiscated by a member of school staff. Consequently, these children would rather stay home and take pictures in their Halloween  outfits than go out and interact with the world because ” if you didn’t take a picture of it, it didn’t happen.” But can we really blame them? Don’t they get it from us? aren’t we also on our phones as life passes us by? Like when we should be partying ,celebrating, socializing, bonding and meeting new people ( the old fashion way when you meet them in real life). Times like this make me ask myself many question but the biggest of them all has to be “Is this the age technology or The age of the sociopath?”

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  1. Chad Michaels says:

    Good point. I try and make it my business to not be on my phone so much, especially around my children.


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