Me, you and the moon

We’ve been sitting in my car talking for about 5 hours. The moons is out and we’ve talked about  everything under the sun…..It feel like the world is ours ,like our story has just begun…. It feels like we’re strangers and soul mates at the same time. I can’t help but to be yours and now I’m wondering if you’re mine. I understand you and still can’t figure you out… While you’re making me feel sure about things that I’d usually doubt. I’m confident on the outside but on the inside I’m scared, and I’m trying to say all the right things so that you don’t think I’m weird. Now there’s awkward silence and I’m wondering should we kiss? Should I hold back ?….or should I be more intense? Your kiss leaves me in trans I feel like you’ve cast a spell. It’s this lust? or love? At this point it’s hard to tell. But I don’t want to think about the future all that matters is now. We can take this as far as you’d like to, let me know, I’m down. I’ll be patient with you and you be patient with me. Because right now…. there’s no other place that I’d rather be..It’s me you and the moon love..this is our destiny

2 thoughts on “Me, you and the moon

  1. Yams says:

    Beautiful poem! Keep writing. Your a dope writer.


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