Higher learning 

I was trying to get you to see that your life held value and that no amount of money could replace it. But the hood was so good to you that you became complacent . You ain’t want no education you just wanted an iced out bracelet and a SS Impala so through life you was racing. I left and went away to school and you started looking at me like I was basic.But you was tryna sale your soul and I was trying to save it.

I came back so estactic because I was learning new things. I wanted to tell you about how we didn’t come from slaves and that the truth is we came from kings. I wanted to give you the courage to fly and finally flap your wings.I wanted to make you want more than material things. 

I wanted you to leave with me and travel and visit new places. I wanted to explain to you how all white people ain’t racist. I wanted to show you how they keeping you a slave with that chain and that bracelet.But you was tryna sell your soul and I was trying save it.

I tried to tell you then niggas was phony and they really ain’t ya homies.Now I’m up drinking E&j cause you left a nigga lonely. Who gone walk to the store at night? Who gone gone push me when I’m scared to fight? How the fuck Ima go on? How the fuck I’m gone live a normal life? 

I shouldn’t have went to school, I should stayed on the block with you!How them niggas screaming that they shoothas and wasn’t out there with the tool? 

I told you they wasnt real,they was in it for the come up. Cause they saw like me that you were ambition and would wet any nigga tryna run up. They had to catch you slipping bro you to smart to go out like that. And now my heart broke forever cause I couldn’t have ya back. I wish I could go back bro I wish I could erase it! I wish you that you ain’t sale your soul, I wish I could’ve save it.

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