Black Boys Revenge 

Stop racing to the grave and stop going to jail. Stop leaving us to raise ourselves in this living hell. Please help my mother with building this shell.

Because when you leave the evil arrives and mom can’t protect us from both sides. 

Yeah mom’s a queen and she does what she can but no matter how strong she cant raise a man. 

So im forced to roam the streets and look for guidance. From the old boys who only pretend to provide it . 

See these older boys lack guidance too because they were all left by men like you. They’re amused by turning me on to evil and are a perfect example of how “hurt people hurt people”. These older boys were me way back when, so these boys got older but never became men. 

Now I got problems with authority and I subconsciously hate people who look like me. 

Now anybody can get it and since you I never saw you love mom I’m screaming “fuck these bitches” 

I only got love for my block. Because that’s what raise me, the hood is my pops. 

I pop perks and Zans to keep me in the zone,because deep down inside I feel alone. All those grave yard shift and OT (out of town) trips. Carrying guns with Extra clips. Are all Ive known since your sail shipped. I don’t want this life but its all I know, because I never understood why you had to go. 

Was it something I did? Am I to blame? Did I make you feel trapped like a ball in chain? I’m sorry for ruining what you and ma had, I’m sorry for forcing you to be a dad. I just want you to come back,because see I never met you but I’m still so attached. How am I supposed to raise my own? When it feels like I’m violence prone. 

I’m not a Gangsta or a thugs I’m just a boy who missed out on love. But Imma kill my own and sell them drugs because you never stayed long enough to give me a hug.

18 thoughts on “Black Boys Revenge 

  1. bethanyk says:

    I read this a few days ago and have read it a few times since. You are VERY talented. VERY. This is phenomenally written. It truly moved me and affected me. You have so much potential to be straight up famous. Your writing is profound. I am sure it is based on the rawness of your life and experiences. My husband was homeless when he was young and had a dad who killed himself and he grew up and has been working a good job for 20 years and worked up the chain. I experienced abuse and the loss of my family who left me. Life is so full of struggle and suffering and you really captured it in your writing. I hope amazing things for you. You are a special individual.

      1. bethanyk says:

        Would it be ok with you if I reblogged it? I really think more people need to see it.

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