How we shop is how we date (Part 1: Woman shopping habits.

Woman thrive on impulse

So fellas.. You come home from work and see a living room full of bags and wonder if there is a holiday coming up that maybe you’ve forgotten about. Maybe your girl has done some early Christmas shopping or you forgot it was the anniversary of something you didn’t think was important enough to have its own anniversary. To your relief , she comes in the living room expressing how joyous and lucky she feels to have stumbled upon a sale just before it ended. The smart (I.E more experienced) man will pretend to share her excitement secretly hoping that maybe she bought something for him too. However, as men we’re never as happy as they are when this happens because we know there wasn’t any sale and that our girlfriend just bought whatever items she wanted on impulse. But see, that’s one of the many things about women that we just have to accept. Women live and die on impulse. Women make most of their major decisions on impulses, especially decisions about the types of men they date. 

My Reasoning 

A woman is on her lunch break in the local mall and decides to go treat herself to a new dress. She walks into her favorite store and instantly sees a dress she likes. The dress is nice and the price isn’t that bad but it’s a popular dress and she knows it’s always in stock. She puts the dress down and continues to shop because she knows it’ll be there if she ever decides to come back and pick it up. 

She then sees a more beautiful dress, one she’s never seen anyone with and thinks this is the dress of a lifetime but it’s too expensive.

Although she knows she can’t afford the dress at the moment, she decides to put it on lay away and make deposits whenever she can. While she continues to browse around the store, she spots another stunning dress, high-priced but affordable. 

Not many people have this dress but the women who do are held to prestigious standards. There are only a few of these dresses left and she knows that if she hesitates the woman standing behind her will take the last dress in her size. She buys the dress without thinking twice.

Breaking down the analogy

The first dress that was moderately priced and fully stocked describes the guy who the woman considers to be average (you basic bruh). She may give him her number and go out on a few dates with him but it never goes any further because she knows she can have him whenever she wants and that’s not appealing enough for her to be “all in”.

The second dress represents the nice “wholesome” guy that’ll “make a woman out of her”. She knows that this is the guy that will treat her the way she feels a woman should be treated but she’s not ready for that kind of guy at this point in her life. Shes views him as an investment for the future so she keeps him around in some shape or form. Maybe they go out occasionally, have deep conversations every once in a while and if shes really likes him they might fuck every now and then. These are all little deposits that she assumes will assure that she has the option to buy when she’s ready to make the investment.

 Although she isn’t ready for the type of commitment that the second dress requires she doesn’t want to become another fuck buddy either. The third dress is more of her speed. It defines what she yearns for at this stage in her life. She does want commitment and security but overall she wants excitement! She wants the type of dress/guy that few have and many want. This guy doesn’t want more from her than loyalty and good sex. But like the the second dress, he wont wait around for her. This dynamic triggers her natural impules. Maybe there’s a future with him maybe there isn’t, but that’s what excites her. Whatever the case she’s all in.

Different strokes for Different folks (pause)

Keep in mind some women do shop differently. The woman above is just an examples of how some women utilize their impulsive instinct to choose their partners. Although it is a well-known fact that women shop on impulse, these impulses are triggered by different contributing factors like wants, needs, aspirations and motivations. Depending on those factors, a woman may be more or less inclined to choose either dress (ie. type of man) over the other.

Dropping Jewels 

For the most part, if the woman you’re courting isn’t taking you off the rack right away, chances are you’re not the kind of dress she wants. Additionally, if shes’ stalling but still feeding the idea of the two of you being a couple, chances are she has you on layaway. I mean, Who knows, you might just be one of the lucky ones who get bought around christmas or income tax time. On the other hand I know people who  still owe payments on a VCR they put on layaway in the 90s.

9 thoughts on “How we shop is how we date (Part 1: Woman shopping habits.

  1. DP says:

    Interesting logic Tah. I somewhat agree with you. Most girls have each one of those dresses hanging in their closet. And depending on what mood they are in decides which dress she will put on. Some times she doesn't even wear them out she'll try them on just to make sure they still fit.

    When I say try them on meaning keep in contact. You know that every now and again "Hey Big Head" text. Just to spark conversation to make sure the communication and relationship don't die. Some dresses she'll try on more than others. Like that 2nd dress. She'll try that dress on the most but will never wear it out until the time is right and the event is big enough. The first dress she'll try on but that try on will be a lot different. Maybe a booty call. But she won't wear that dress out because it's a possibility that she might see someone else with it on. Like you said that third dress is her favorite dress because it fits just right for the time being. She can wear it out and not have any problems. The last dress can be worn to many more events and has a lot more flexablily.

    All in all great read young Bruh. Keep up the good work.

    Much love,

  2. Aysha Chambliss says:

    I enjoyed reading this because men tend to point out everything females do like they don't do the same. Not saying that what your saying isn't true because I have seen females who date multiple guys who they "pull out the closet" on specific occasions but I don't think I would use the word "impulse" when it comes to men. Women who date multiple men don't usually jump into a relationship until they are completely sure of what and who they want (and I am speaking from experience.) Nevertheless you made some great points and I enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to more posts!

      1. Aysha Chambliss says:

        This is what we were talking about on the train........

  3. Ewee says:

    Great read Tah. Is it a stretch to say the way that they look is their budget? I would love to see a part 2 to this.

  4. Jay Jackson says:

    Okay! I'll start by saying the way the ending paragraph pulled everything full circle in a witty but hilarious way. Brilliant! The disclaimer was phenomenal, it sets up the tone for positive and organic feedback. The usage of analogies (I.E. the dresses as actual guys) was skillful and creative... its like the momma porage and poppa porage with goldy locks and them. Lol. Good! Good! Good! All in All piece was a solid work...


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