Who you with?

By now I’m pretty sure everyone’s familiar with the show “Power” and the dynamics surrounding the main character’s (Ghost) contrasting relationship between his wife (Tasha) and his girlfriend (Angela). Just in case you’re not, here’s a brief description: Ghost is married to Tasha whom he has 3 children with and has maybe the biggest drug operation New York has ever seen. Tasha earned Ghosts trust (which lead to her becoming his wife and the mother of his children) during a routine stop by the police which could have landed him in jail for quite some time had she not had his back. When it comes to protecting Ghost, Tasha would do anything. She even lied to Angela to cover for him. However, she made one fatal mistake. Tasha had an affair with someone who worked for ghost and ended up being apart of a conspiracy to kill him. Does that one mistake cancel out all of her other acts of loyalty or is she still considered loyal?

On the other hand we have Angela. Ghost has known Angela since he was 15. Angela knew ghost before he became a drug lord; Her Jamie, always smart with a knack for business. She loves Jamie but hates ghost. Angela will do anything to protect Jamie from ghosts mistakes. she cleans up what he does to protect her fantasy of her and Jamie living together happily ever after like they planned to when they were both teenagers. Although she always seems to come through in a clutch, she leaves a suspense that’s makes the viewers a little weary and uncomfortable. Does her hesitancy make her less loyal or is she more loyal because she has Jamie’s best interest at hand and always pulls through no matter how hesitant she initially is under pressure?

So I guess the real question here is what type of people do you consider more loyal to you? The type of people who invest in what you are or the people that invest in who you are?


4 thoughts on “Who you with?

  1. Chad Michaels says:

    In this situation I personally don't like how Tasha handles Ghost. Whenever the talks about getting out of the game (mostly season II), she wasn't supportive. She seems more interested in the money that comes from drugs than legit money coming from night clubs. It can be argued her loyalty for Ghost was to support her own self interest. The more she protects him, the longer he can deal drugs, the more money he makes, the more she has. I personally think Angela is more loyal (haven't watched season 3 yet). She cares more about what's best for him and often shows she isn't interested in financial gain from being with Ghost (returning expensive gifts).

  2. Tiara says:

    So this is my thought I feel Angie was his childhood love the person he thought he would always be with the person he always seen himself with. However life happen and they ended up going in two different directions. He meets Tasha and the game draws Tasha but Tasha is also loyal but she is also loyal to the game but him and his family too. I think when Ghost seen Angie in the club he thought about the what ifs. He thought about what life could have been for him and he remember how Angie once made him feel not realizing that he is not the same Ghost and she is not the same Angie that they once was when they were kids. They out grew each other and the things that once brought them together is not there anymore he now has a whole family and she has a whole career that can end his whole empire and his empire can jeopardize her whole career. I think now it's more lust then it is love at this point......I know because man I've been in these two shoes before.

  3. Apris says:

    I think the person's loyalty that should be questioned is Ghost's. To me loyalty is defined when a person does not change even when situations do. Both Angela and Tasha have some stuff with them but it seems they are more concerned with his best interests then he is with theirs. He's making moves to benefit himself, not really either of the woman or his family as far as their overall well-being. To answer your question, a loyal person is more concerned with who you are.


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